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Anonymous asks: i always think to myself like why aren't there guys/people like you where i live? not just the way you look but just like the way you are and whatever. and i guess it kind of hit me... like there are probably. i just never bother to talk to people or meet people or even like go out. i'm so sheltered from the things/people around me, i hate it. i'm stuck in a crowd with a ton of other middle class, regular teenage girls and i never meet anyone different from me. idk... i'm just rambling...

i’m so bored of stereotypes. like damn, can you imagine if i got a nickle every time i received an ask that included “like you?” it’s just like i want you to accept that there isn’t anyone like me, there’s nobody else who draws like me or makes music like me or dresses just like me or looks like me or thinks like me, im all my own self and i’m so bored or receiving comparisons by people who don’t even know me. 

sorry i only read the first sentence. 

Anonymous asks: your parents KNOW? damn you got some chill ass parents

Pegge Hopper, Warm - Afternoon


Pegge Hopper, Warm - Afternoon

Anonymous asks: dude i totally feel ya like i love weed n im like a stoner and also a girl n i get so much shit for it bc everyone says i hav a problem but im like um no i just like weed??? keep doin u man weed is amazing and fuck all the people who hav a problem w tht..... u go yodanky u go!
Anonymous asks: do u not tell Logan about ur problems/deep shit
Anonymous asks: Then cut back on the weed man???
Anonymous asks: dude stop smokin cigs, nicotine kills

the amount of cannabis i smoke is a lot worse for my lungs than the amount of cigarettes. 

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Anonymous asks: u can always go into detail friend hopefully no one will be mean

t’s a personal preference i just dont wanna share my personal life on the internet n where ppl irl can see it too. 

Anonymous asks: ur posts r vague and i wish u went into detail about ur problems bc ur an interesting soul n i wanna kno what goes through ur mind baeee
Anonymous asks: u guys were together??

hahahahaha me and logan???? whats happened between us stays between us hahahahah except things that ppl already know or have seen or something..